50 Day FGASA Field Guide Course

Dates on request

The FGASA Field Guide Course is aimed at providing inexperienced learners an opportunity to build a marketable portfolio of qualifications. This places the learner in a competitive position to obtain placement in quality positions in the guiding industry. Candidates are accommodated (all meals included) on the premises of The Nature College for a period of 7 weeks, during which time they will obtain training for the qualifications listed below.

Training Modules

SAQA Registered Guide Qualifications

  • Introduction to Nature Guiding 0040/0029 (Nature Site Guide Level 2 – SAQA 8478, 8440/8456 – Level 2/3)
  • Introductory Tracker Course (SAQA 8460 – Level 2)
  • Rifle proficiency (SAQA 117705, 119651, 123519 – Level 3)
  • Intro to Dangerous Animals Game Driving and Trails Guide Theory (SAQA 33797- Level 2)

Additional Training Modules

  • 4X4 driving skills


Learners can commence the next Programme in January 2018.


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Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years and good health
  • Valid Driver’s License (or to be obtained)


Maximum group size of 12-14 learners will ensure that every learner gets personal attention. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, something that is not always possible where large groups are concerned.

Job Recruitment

The Nature College assists learners with recruitment. After completion of the 7 week training, successful learners can be assisted with job seeking at suitable lodges and operators.