Dangerous Animals Phase 2: VPDA Course

Dates on request

This is our VPDA Course, consisting of 7 days of training and evaluation and is presented at the Cleveland Game Park (Palabora Mining Company) close to Phalaborwa. The course covers all the theory and practical requirements relating to the CATHSSETA unit standard 335797 (View potentially dangerous animals). Please note that this course does not include rifle training and assessment, as it is assumed to be in place. It is the responsibility of learners to obtain the Advanced Rifle Handling certificate in their own time.

Our assessment consists of two elements:

  1. Immediate Action Drills for confrontations with Dangerous Animals (simulations).
  2. Mentored Approaches on Dangerous Animals (live approaches).
  3. Field Skills, including spoor observation, rifle safety & alertness.

Learners have to achieve the minimum credits on all three elements before qualifying.


The cost of the course includes camping accommodation and simple meals at the training venue and practical assessment. The prescribed handbook Animal Alert! – you and the big ones is included in the price. The price excludes transport, registration fees with NDT, as well as First Aid Training (compulsory elements for legal registration as a Field Guide).

Qualification Details

The SAQA Unit Standard 335797 (VPDA) is added to an existing guide qualification

You also need a valid rifle proficiency qualification from SASSETA (e.g. 119651 and 117705 – Firearms Control Act and Handle a Manually Operated Rifle, or 10750 (Use of a rifle) and pass the Advanced Rifle Handling Test

You must meet the practical requirements (Simulated Approaches, Mentored Approaches & Field Skills – achieve required number of credits)

All of the above will qualify you for the CATHSSETA Skills Programme 0043/0044 (Nature Site Guide Dangerous Animals Areas Level 2 or Level 4 – Backup Guide)