Distance Learning

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Keeping pace with the exciting new events in South Africa, The Nature College is launching its range of distance learning products. The Nature College is committed to job creation. Realizing that this is one of the most urgent issues in South Africa, we see it as our duty to provide the skills necessary to fill the jobs that will be created.

The following distance learning products are available:

  • Nature Site Guide L2 Local Guide (fully available)

The Nature Site Guide L2 Local distance learning qualification was created with local people in mind, seeking employment in the lodge industry. The program is affordable and learners can set their own pace for the learning period. Typically such a person will work as a guide on one of the lodges bordering the Kruger National Park. Local guides will have a good working knowledge of the local area. Assessment for the qualification consists of a workbook, a written examination and a practical evaluation. Typically this program takes candidates about 4 to 5 months to complete.

  • Nature Site Guide L2 Regional Guide (fully available)

After operating for a few years as local guide, the developing guide may aspire to operate over larger areas, spreading his wings so to speak towards other destinations. Our regional guide program qualifies the aspiring guide with the unit standard SAQA 8456 : L3. This allows the guide to operate over larger areas. The learning material for this level bridges the gap between local guide and biome guide, improving the pass rate of candidates. This distance learning program is also available for aspiring new guide wishing to qualify on a higher level. Assessment for the qualification consists of a workbook, a written examination and a practical evaluation.

  • Nature Site Guide L4 Biome Guide (fully available)

The level 4 qualification is considered the professional guide qualification. A guide that qualifies for this kind of appointment has achieved the level 4 qualification with a several years of practical Guiding experience and an excellent interpreting ability. They are capable of explaining phenomena at basic scientific levels. This is why a solid foundation for the unit standard 8456 is so important as it creates the basis on which to build their advanced Guiding skills.

** An advanced option is available for all distance learning courses to add essential Study books and Field guides to standard packages. These essential books include Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa (Van Wyk), Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, Smithers Mammals of Southern Africa, Photographic guide to Tracks of SA (Liebenberg). More titles are also available for learners.