Introductory Field Guide Course

Dates on request

Our Introductory Field Guide Courses prepare candidates for the CATHSSETA Skills Programme Nature Site Guide Level 2, as well as the FGASA Field Guide (Level 1) certificate (should the learner comply with all requirements).

The training programme is run and supported by the inputs of its advisory panel as well as free-lance instructors:

  • Jana Malherbe (CATHSSETA Assessor, NQF 4 Nature Guide, Tracker Professional, Back Up Trails Guide)
  • Shaun Lotter (CATHSSETA Assessor, NQF 4 Nature Guide, Tracker Professional, Lead Trails Guide)
  • Johan Fourie (National Nature Guide Level 4, speciality Dangerous Game, Track & Sign Specialist, ETDP, SASSETA & CATHSSETA registered Assessor, Moderator and Advanced Trainer)
  • Dr Izak Rust (Subject Matter Expert: Geology)
  • JJ Minye (Subject Matter Expert: Master Tracker)

Candidates have 2 options:

  • The Part-time Field Guide course is run over 10 weeks, and consists of 3 modules. Module 1 consists of self-study, completing preparatory assignments to be handed in. The second module is the 21 days lecturing module, which is presented in a natural setting at The Nature College. During Module 3 the learner self-studies using our workbook, and completes the written exam. The course fee includes accommodation and meals for the lecturing module, as well as the prescribed handbook An Introduction to Nature Guiding. This course qualifies you for the CATHSSETA NQF 2 Qualification only.
  • The Full-time FGASA Field Guide Course (50 day Course) is run over 8 weeks. Module 1 is still self-study preparation. Modules 2-3 (see above)are done on site at The Nature College. A Tracker Course and Theoretical Trails guide course is included in Module 3, with extensive field experience. The course fee includes full board for the period, and the prescribed handbook An Introduction to Nature Guiding

Our course fees do not include the cost of a First Aid Course or NDT & FGASA registration fees, unless otherwise stated.

  • NQF 2 Guide (FGASA Field Guide 50 day course) Course. The course covers the prescribed theory, and provides extensive practical experience under guidance of the experienced lecturers.  Learners will be assessed for the Skills Programme Nature Site Guide: Level 2 on the SAQA Unit Standards 8456/8440Conduct a Limited Guided Nature Experience” (Cr20) and 8478 “Create a Guided Experience for Customers”(Cr20).

We also run tailor-made short Guide Courses for Corporate Clients (e.g. Game Lodges and Tour Operators). Such courses can also be run in situ, on request of a corporate client. In such cases the course content and presentation can be adapted to suit the client. Please contact us for more information.