Introductory Tracking Course

Dates on request

Our Introductory Tracking Course and Tracker Programme is aimed at the nature lover wanting to develop his / her field skills.

The instructors are Johan Fourie (FGASA & CyberTracker Track and Sign Specialist & Evaluator), JJ Minye (Master Tracker & Tracking Assessor), Kobus Lubbe (Track & Sign Specialist) & Jana Malherbe (Level 3 Tracker).

The tracking course is offered at the The Nature College. The course duration is 7 days. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 students can be accommodated on this course. Learners are accommodated at The Nature College and provided with basic meals on the course.

Candidates are exposed to the following training:

  • Principles of tracking
  • Observing signs in nature
  • Identifying signs in the veld
  • Interpreting signs
  • Systematic tracking (following a spoor)
  • Formal assessment for CATHSSETA and CyberTracker

Contact us for course fees and dates.